Thermochemical Databases

SGTE provides thermochemical databases for use in Research & Development in industry, research facilities, and universities.

The current portfolio of databases includes:

  • unary databases,
  • compound databases,
  • solution databases, as well as
  • tailor-made databases for specific applications such as light metals, noble metals, solders, fuel cells etc.

For detailed information on databases available and their contents please use the links to the left.


How to purchase and use the SGTE Thermochemical databases

To purchase SGTE thermochemical databases please contact one of our commercial members below.

The use of SGTE Thermochemical databases requires appropriate software packages in order to model materials systems, phase diagrams, industrial processes, e.g.

SGTE is neither producing nor offering thermochemical software packages.

However, suitable software tools may be purchased for example from the commercial SGTE members:


Compatibility of SGTE databases with the abovementioned software codes is proven. For details on ordering, support and pricing, please click on the respective links above.

For further information on how to implement and use SGTE databases with any other commercial software code please contact SGTE using the contact form below.