SGTE Substance Database (SGSUB)

The Substance database contains thermochemical data for about 4300 condensed or gaseous species in the standard state. The data for each substance consist of :

  • The enthalpy of formation at 298.15 K (relative to pure elements).
  • The entropy at 298.15 K.
  • The temperature dependence of the heat capacity at constant pressure.
  • The temperatures and heats of transition when necessary.

The data has been generated by SGTE or critically assessed from different sources and are particularly useful for :

  • Tabulation of thermochemical data.
  • Computation of reactions data and equilibrium constants.
  • Computation of complex equilibria for multicomponent systems.

This database is annually updated and extended with new compounds.

Contact person :
Annie Antoni-Zdziobek, SIMAP, Grenoble-INP, St Martin d’Hères, France.