SGTE Molten Salt Database (SALT)

This molten salt database originates from FACT, Montreal Canada, and has been modified by Alan Dinsdale, NPL, and adopted by SGTE in May 1993. The molten salt phase is described using the two-sublattice ionic model.

The database contains the following assessed systems:
KBr-KCl, KBr-KF, KBr-KI, KCl-KF, KCl-KI, KF-KI, CsBr-CsCl, CsBr-CsF, CsBr-CsI, CsCl-CsF, CsCl-CsI, CsF-CsI, LiBr-LiCl, LiBr-LiF, LiBr-LiI, LiCl-LiF, LiCl-LiI, LiF-LiI, NaBr-NaCl, NaBr-NaF, NaBr-NaI, NaCl-NaF, NaCl-NaI, NaF-NaI, RbBr-RbCl, RbBr-RbF, RbBr-RbI, RbCl-RbF, RbCl-RbI, RbF-RbI, CsBr-KBr, CsBr-LiBr, CsBr-NaBr, CsBr-RbBr, KBr-LiBr, KBr-NaBr, KBr-RbBr, LiBr-NaBr, LiBr-RbBr, NaBr-RbBr, CsCl-KCl, CsCl-LiCl, CsCl-NaCl, CsCl-RbCl, KCl-LiCl, KCl-NaCl, KCl-RbCl, LiCl-NaCl, LiCl-RbCl, NaCl-RbCl, CsF-KF, CsF-LiF, CsF-NaF, CsF-RbF, KF-LiF, KF-NaF, KF-RbF, LiF-NaF, LiF-RbF, NaF-RbF, CsI-KI, CsI-LiI, CsI-NaI, CsI-RbI, KI-LiI, KI-NaI, KI-RbI, LiI-NaI, LiI-RbI, NaI-RbI, K2CO3-LiCO3, K2CO3-Na2CO3, Li2CO3-Na2CO3, NaCl-Na2SO4, KCl-K 2SO4, CaCl2-KCl, KCl-ZnCl2, CaCl2-ZnCl2, Na2CrO4-NaOH, NaCl-NaOH, NaCl-Na2CrO4, Na2CrO4-Na2SO4, NaOH-Na2SO4.

Contact person:
Alan Dinsdale, MISiS, Moscow Russia

M. Hillert et al, Met. Trans. A (1985), Vol 16A, pp. 261-266