Thermdoc is a bibliographic database of scientific journal articles covering thermodynamics of inorganic systems, developed by SGTE members. Papyrus is the corresponding database management software offering flexible and sophisticated means of retrieving references.
Since 1960 ThermDoc is continuously updated, with about 2000 new references by year. On 2008 more than 79.000  records were available in Thermdoc, pertaining to the thermodynamic properties of elements, stoichiometric substances, alloys and solution phases of interest to mineral chemistry. Today Thermdoc & Papyrus are available to everyone in a software package for Windows®.
Each record in the database consists of :

  • Title,
  • Authors' names,
  • Complete bibliographic reference.

In view of the narrow area of information covered : thermodynamics, the access vocabulary is reduced to the use of linked chemical symbols in the form of system names, but also by searching words in context, author, title, journal, …

Efficient and easy to use, you can also create and manage your own bibliographic databases.

ThermDoc is in constant evolution, updated twice a year, on January and July, to provide a quick access to thermodynamic information.