History & Founders

The Scientific Group Thermodata Europe was founded in 1979 by scientists of seven different organizations all around Europe:

  • I. N. P. Grenoble:
    Dr. I. Ansara, Dr. C. Bernard, Prof. E. Bonnier
  • Rhein-Westf. T. H., Aachen:
    Dr. I. Barin, Prof. O. Knacke, Prof. O. Kubaschewski, Dr. P. J. Spencer
  • Thermodata, Grenoble:
    Dr. Y. Deniel, Dr. A. Jacquot
  • Nat. Phys. Lab., London:
    Dr. G. P. Jones
  • I. R. S. I. D., Maizières:
    Dr. M. Olette, Dr. J-M. Steiler
  • A. E. R. E., Harwell:
    Dr. M. H. Rand
  • Royal Inst. Technol., Stockholm:
    Prof. M. Hillert, Dr. B. Uhrenius

The original letter of intent to the European Community can be seen here: