Database from IRSID / Arcelor Research for Fe-containing slags (SLAG)

This database consists of data for the liquid slag and condensed oxides for the Al2O3-CaO-FeO-Fe2O3-MgO-SiO2 system. Recently, data for Na, Cr, Ni, P and S have been added and thus allow calculation of sulphide capacities of slags. The liquid slag is described with the cell model proposed by Kapoor-Frohberg and modified by Gaye. Composition variations in the solid oxides have not been taken into account.
The database also contains dilute solution parameters for about twenty elements in liquid iron compiled by Sigworth and Elliot and converted to regular solution parameters according to Hillert's suggestion.

The following dilute components are included
Ag Al B C Ca Co Cr Cu H Mn Mo N Nb Ni O P Pb S Si Sn Ti U V W Zr
Data are evaluated at infinite dilution and the recommended limit of any component is 0.1 concentrations but the user must carefully check each such case.

The database is suitable for activity and phase equilibria calculations in metallurgical slag systems containing iron.

IRSID, Institut de Recherches de la Sidérurgie Française (now Arcelor Research) and G. K. Sigworth and J. F. Elliot

Contact person:
Jean Lehmann, Arcelor Research, Metz, France

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